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  • Jupiter Dive Center 3 tank Dive, dive west palm beach3-Tank Dives!Join us every Friday and/or Sunday at 9:00 AM for 3 beautiful dives with the first drop on the deep ledge. Friday divers must be Advanced Open Water and Nitrox Certified and bring or request a 28%-31% Nitrox mix, Sunday divers must be nirtox certified. (Lunch included.)
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Jupiter Dive Center is a full service dive shop ready to outfit you with all your diving equipment needs!


We are a Scubapro Platinum dealer and we also stock, Subgear Halcyon, DUI and several other brands.

[imagemap map=”imgmap_css_container_imgmap201232095912″ direct=1 id=”imgmap201232095912″ img=”″]
[area shape=rect alt=”BCD’S” title=”BCD’S” url=”″]210,37,376,92[/area]
[area shape=rect alt=”Fins” title=”Fins” url=”″]401,37,567,92[/area]
[area shape=rect alt=”Masks” title=”Masks” url=”″]591,37,758,92[/area]
[area shape=rect alt=”Second Stages” title=”Second Stages” url=”″]15,107,186,159[/area]
[area shape=rect alt=”Wet Suits” title=”Wet Suits” url=”″]205,107,376,159[/area]
[area shape=rect alt=”Boots” title=”Boots” url=”″]397,106,566,162[/area]
[area shape=rect alt=”Gearbags” title=”Gearbags” url=”″]587,108,758,159[/area]
[area shape=rect alt=”Fins” title=”Fins” url=”″]14,176,185,231[/area]
[area shape=rect alt=”Gauges” title=”Gauges” url=”″]206,174,375,232[/area]
[area shape=rect alt=”Seawing Nova” title=”Seawing Nova” url=”″]395,175,569,297[/area]
[area shape=rect alt=”Seahawk” title=”Seahawk” url=”″]589,176,759,294[/area]
[area shape=rect alt=”Regulator System” title=”Regulator System” url=”″]18,36,185,92[/area]
[area shape=rect alt=”Gloves” title=”Gloves” url=”″]16,248,185,304[/area]
[area shape=rect alt=”Snorkels” title=”Snorkels” url=”″]207,246,377,301[/area]
[area shape=rect alt=”Accessories” title=”Accessories” url=”″]15,342,186,399[/area]
[area shape=rect alt=”Accessories” title=”Accessories” url=”″]209,342,377,399[/area]
[area shape=rect alt=”Halcyon Plate and Wing” title=”Halcyon Plate and Wing” url=”″]395,343,566,464[/area]
[area shape=rect alt=”Halcyon Plate and Wing” title=”Halcyon Plate and Wing” url=”″]585,345,758,464[/area]
[area shape=rect alt=”Gauges” title=”Gauges” url=”″]16,415,185,467[/area]
[area shape=rect alt=”Computer” title=”Computer” url=”″]207,414,376,468[/area]



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Jupiter Dive Center

Jupiter Dive Center | 1001 North Hwy A1A Alternate, Jupiter, FL 33477
Phone: (561) 745-7807 | Store Hours: Sun. thru Sat.8am – 6pm Everyday!

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