Area 51

Area 51 reef is named for its mystery (or maybe because it is 51 minutes from the dock). “Area 51” is a high- ledge dive site known for its shark activity. Soon after descending divers are frequently greeted by two or three reef sharks curious to see who has dropped by for a visit. They usually come from the east, take a quick look, and swim off, so divers have to be attentive at the beginning of the dive not to miss them. Gigantic Loggerhead turtles may be napping under the ledge at almost ninety feet, or gently resting on top of the ledge at seventy-five feet. Hawksbill turtles are usually eating between the cracks and crevices just off the ledge. Huge green moray eels may be in a crevice on the bottom, or free-swimming along the ledge through the maze created by the enormous pieces that have broken off the ledge. Look for Southern sting rays in the sand and a resident Goliath grouper just under the ledge where there is a sandy spot on top of the ledge. Large schools of Atlantic spadefish frequent Area 51 as do small groups of six or seven large barracuda, cruising against the current together. Bar jacks, Amber jacks, and often schools of Horse-eye jacks are encountered here hunting for their next meal. Never knowing what Mother Nature has in store for us on this dive makes Area 51 always a mystery adventure.

Aera 51

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